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Privacy Policy

VegasMassage wields the top Las Vegas escorts agency website,, and can also handle other websites. We regard your privacy high that may be in terms of any information we may gather when managing our websites.

Visitors of our website

Non personally recognizable data of servers or the web browsers, like browser type, referring type, request time of each single visitor and date,  can be collected by Vegasmassage. It helps our agency to understand the visitors and their usage type. Occasionally we might reveal the non-personally recognizable Data in form of reports.

VegasMassage may also gather potency personally-identifying data such as IP addresses of the users who logged in or left a comment on the websites. Clauses under which IP addresses of the commenter or the sign in user are given below. Though the email and IP address of the commenter are visible and uncover to the blog/site administrators where they left the comment.

Personally-Identifying data collection

There are certain visitors who make effort in communicating with the VegasMassage legal escorts Nevada in a way that we need to keep their Personally-Identifying data with us. Information's type and amount largely depend on the interaction type.  Let's take an example, users are asked to provide their username along with email address at the time of sign up. Those who engross in business with VegasMassage are requested for information which can be personal as well as financial data that are needed to execute those dealings. In every case, VegasMassage gathers data only so far is required or proper to delight the motive of the transaction of the visitor. VegasMassage never reveals personally-identifying data except than what is depicted beneath.  It remains in the discrimination of the visitors whether to provide any personally-identifying data with admonition that keeps them away from any activities taking place on the website.

Total Statistics

VegasMassage may gather statistics relating to the conduct of the visitors on the websites. VegasMassage holds all the right to exhibit this data publicly or supply it to the other people. Other than that depicted below, VegasMassage will never unveil personally-identifying data. 

Safeguarding some Personally-Identifying data

VegasMassage exhibit potency personally identifying data as well as personally - identifying data. But the disclosure of the information is done to its employees, temporary workers and associated organizations that (I) have knowledge  that data with the  goal to process on the VegasMassage sake or to render services accessible at the websites of the VegasMassage, and/ or (II) that have been accorded not  to divulge in front of the other people.

A section of the employees, workers on contracts and associated organizations may be placed outside and away from your country; by utilizing websites of VegasMassage, you show your concern in the exchange of those data to those people. VegasMassage will never put their potency personally-identifying as well as personally-identifying data for lease or sell to anyone else.  Other than the workers, temporary labors and associated organizations, as depicted above, VegasMassage response to subpoena about their revelation of the  potency personally-identifying as well as the personally-identifying data, order of the court as well as the request of other governmental services, or if VegasMassage for the sake of our esteem agency or to protect our dignity, thinks that  unveiling of the data is essential for preserving the rights of VegasMassage, public or the third party at a huge scale. 

In case you are VegasMassage's registered client and have furnished your  address of email to us, we may send you emails. These emails are generally sent to update you about our sites and services. It might include the latest features, requests for your valuable feedback. The email may also be sent to keep you up-to-date about the goings in the VegasMassage as well as our products. In the case that you make a demand to us through your email or it can be also through the feedback mechanisms them we hold the right to disclose it so as to make clear or to make ourselves capable to assist different clients.  VegasMassage consider all evaluation sensibly important that you safeguard against unapproved access, utilize, adjustment or desolation of potency personally-identifying as well as personally-identifying information.                                


A cookie in general way is an array of data usually the website restores on the computer of the visitors, and on the other side, the browser of the visitors furnish the website every moment the visitor returns back to the site for surfing. VegasMassage utilizes the cookies. It does so to assist the VegasMassage as well as track the visitors, along with their usuage of the website of the VegasMassage, their preference in accessing the website. There are certain visitors of VegasMassage who might not desire to acquire cookies on their computer. The best suggestion for them is to place their browsers to repudiate cookies before making use of the website of the VegasMassage, with the pitfall that some characteristics of the websites of VegasMassage may not operate appropriately without the assistance of the cookies.

Business Transfers

In the case that VegasMassage, or consider the majority of its benefits, were procured, or in impossible event that VegasMassage faces loss or needs to get away from the business or faces bankruptcy,  data of clients that have been accessed by VagasMassage will be considered as one of advantages that is interchanged or gained by the third party. You identify that such interchanges may take place and that third party getting hold of the VegasMassage may have all the rights to keep on utilizing your personal data as put in the forward in this privacy policy.


 You must be aware of the Ads that appear on our legal escorts websites. These Ads may be transmitted to the users by their advertising partners who are responsible for setting the cookie.   These cookies are set in a way that they permit the ad server to identify your computer every time they might deliver you some online advertisement to collect data regarding you or some others who might utilize your computer. This data authorized the ad networks too, amid the usage of cookies by VegasMassage and reveal the usage of cookies rendered by any advertisers.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Changes in privacy policy are considerably insignificant VegasMassage have all the power to modify their privacy policy whenever they wish to and it remains in the sole discretion of VegasMassage. Thus it is always asked the visitors to keep an eye on this pay so as to know any change in the privacy policy. If you hold an account in the, you may also be given an alert that tells you about these changes. After the change in the privacy policy, if you continue in using this site then it will be counted as acceptance from your side.

Escort for massage in Vegas is one of the prime service providers in Las Vegas. But we recommend you to go through the legal terms privacy policy of VegasMassage before you start using it.